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Missions Conference at Vision Baptist Church | To The World with FirstBible

Missions Conference at Vision Baptist Church

Linda and I had the privilege to be at Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA for their Missions Conference this past week.  The church under the leadership of Pastor Austin Gardner has a great heart for world evangelism.  It is obvious they are a local church with a world vision that reaches their Jerusalem rather than one with a local community vision without a world vision.

The preaching of each missionary was challenging and encouraging.  Everything was done to exalt the Lord and to remind us of all we do is “to the Lord”.  Veteran missionary to Kenya, Bro. Randy Stirwalt was the main preacher in each service.  One thing emphasized was not to let anyone tell you it can’t be done it God has called you to get it done.

I had the joy of presenting the ministry of FirstBible International on Thursday night and preaching during the Sunday morning service.  Linda and I were encouraged to meet a young lady who has a desire to learn linguistics which is so important in translation work.  Please help us pray that God would raise up another generation of young people to want to be involved in the work of Bible translation for “unreached people”groups.

Many thanks to all the folks at Vision Baptist Church for their kindness and hospitality shown us this  past week.


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  1. Austin Gardner September 18, 2012 at 7:07 am #

    Thank you very much for coming. We enjoyed having you here and count it a great privilege to count you as a friend. I believe that God has great plans for you and is going to greatly use you!

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